Tax Law

Ecuador’s Internal Revenue Service (SRI) has in recent years initiated a strong tax program to regulate commercial activities and increase tax-collection. Sanctions for tax evasion have been considerably increased. Romero Arteta Ponce counsels our clients on the new tax code and oversees the auditing and accounting process.

Aviation law

Romero Arteta Ponce represents several international airlines currently operating in Ecuador. Our aviation specialists handle all aviation regulatory matters and obtain and keep current all requisite permits, licenses and authorizations.


The Law Firm has been active in the granted of Licenses for satellites operations in Ecuador and those can use the geostationary waves. Romero Arteta Ponce has actively participated in several major telecommunications projects.

Energy law, hydrocarbon activities and utilities

Romero Arteta Ponce has developed a solid reputation with over 60 years’ experience in the energy sector. An important player in the market, the team advises on regulatory and environmental issues, easements, and oil and gas purchases as well as transportation and export agreements.

Antitrust and competition law in Ecuador

We provide to our clients preventive Due Diligences to determinate the risk and liabilities that they might have in accordance to the new legislation in force in Ecuador, this process will help the clients to understand the scope of the law and the activities that are prohibited and permitted.

Established in 1950, Romero Arteta Ponce is one of the oldest, most important and successful law firms in Ecuador. It is ranked amongst the five greatest and most prestigious firms in the country.

Maintaining excellent professional relations at all levels of local, provincial and national government, we offer a full-range of legal services and expertise while providing high-quality individual attention to each client. Romero Arteta Ponce was selected by MERITAS LAW FIRMS WORLWIDE as the only ecuadorean law firm.

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New General Organic Code of Processes in Ecuador

Since May 2016, the General Organic Code of Processes (COGEP) came into force in Ecuador, which superceded the Civil Procedure Code and other related laws, through which the oral procedure is implemented on civil law, contentious tax and administrative, children and...


We are pleased to inform you that Romero Arteta Ponce/ RAP has been shortlisted as follows in Chambers & Partners: “Ecuador Law Firm of the Year 2012/ 2015” Romero Arteta Ponce has been selected by MERITAS LAW FIRMS WORDLWIDE as this organization’s exclusive...


Diego Romero

Diego Romero has a broad practice encompassing competition and antitrust issues, international transactions, franchises and insurance.

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Gustavo Romero

CHAMBERS AND PARTNERS: Gustavo Romero works with significant clients such as GE, Delta Air Lines and Toyota. Sources agree that Romero “demonstrates quality, efficiency and excellent results.”

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Chamber & Partners; IFLR 1000; Latin Lawyer 250

“Chamber and Partners Latin America Awards For Excelence 2012: The Shortlist in Ecuador – Romero Arteta Ponce Abogados”. “The whole firm is genuinely attuned to its clients’ needs.

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We are pleased to inform you that Romero Arteta Ponce / RAP has  been shortlisted as follows en Chambers & Partners:
“Ecuador Law Firm of the Year-/2015”

The Law Firm has several pro-bono projects. One of our to 2015 project was with THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION. "Ambitious legal projects have the potential to facilitate the evolution of an entire sector. The Innovation Award showcases projects that feature not only a new and exciting idea or enterprise, but a legal team that used creativity in addressing the issues faced". Romero Arteta Ponce Asociados, among other latin american law firms won the Innivation Award 2015. The video of the winning team and project is (available here)

The Firm participated as contributor for the independent publication ‘Americas Diversity and Discrimination Traffic Lights 2015’ and ‘Americas Termination Traffic Lights 2015’ ( Mayer Brown). The publication could be found here: