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Immigration Law-Type of Visas

Romero Arteta Ponce- RAPLaw Firm Ecuador helps obtain temporary or permanent visas for clients wishing to reside legally or be nationalized in Ecuador.

Our immigration service is ongoing and includes changes in visa status, re-registration of visas and cancellations. We also advise and assist Ecuadorian citizens on foreign emigration and visa matters.


Organic Law of Human Mobility, considers resident any foreign person who has acquired a migratory category for their Temporary Residency or Permanent Residency in Ecuador.

Types of visa. –

According to the Law, foreigners who wish to enter and remain in Ecuadorian territory must choose one of the following types of visa:

1. Temporary Resident Visa: It has the authorization to stay for a specific time in the country and has the following categories:

A) Employee
B) Renegade
C) Retired
D) Investor
E) Scientific, researcher or academic
F) Sportsman, artist, cultural manager
G) Religious or religious volunteer of an organization with legal status recognized by Ecuador
H) Volunteer
I) Student
J) Professional, technical, technologist or craftsman
K) Resident by international agreement of which Ecuador is a party
L) Persons covered by the holder of the migratory category
M) Persons in international protection

2. Temporary Resident Visa of Exception: It has the exceptional authorization to the foreign person to stay in the country for up to two years, to which foreign persons entering the national territory access, after qualification and authorization of the maximum authority of mobility In exceptional cases. This residence can be renewed once.

3. Permanent Resident Visa: It has the authorization to stay for an indefinite period in the country, according to the following conditions:

A) To be at least twenty-one months of temporary resident status
B) Have entered into marriage or maintain legally recognized de facto union with an Ecuadorian person;
C) To be a minor alien or person with a disability that depends on an Ecuadorian person or a foreigner who has permanent residence; or,
D) Be related to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of an Ecuadorian citizen or a foreign citizen with permanent residence in Ecuador.

4. Diplomatic Visa: It has the authorization to perform official functions by diplomatic, consular or international agents, duly accredited, either on a permanent or temporary mission.

5. Humanitarian Visa: It has the authorization to stay in the country to the applicants of international protection until their application is solved or to the people in protection by humanitarian reasons for a period of up to two years. This visa has no cost.

6. Tourist Visa: It has the authorization to stay in the country to the people of those nationalities that the human mobility authority determines and who wish to carry out tourism activities, for the term of up to ninety days in the period of one year counted from its first entrance, extendable once for up to ninety additional days.

Foreigners who do not need a tourist visa based on the human mobility policy will be granted an authorization to stay in the country at the official migration control points, under the same deadline.

For tourists coming from member states of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the term of stay will be up to one hundred and eighty days in the period of one year from the first entry.

7. Special Tourist Visa: It has the authorization to stay in the country for up to one year for people who are in Ecuadorian territory one hundred and eighty days as tourists, before accrediting the legal means of subsistence that allow them to remain in the country. This type of visa can be applied only once every five years. With this type of visa, work activities cannot be carried out.

8. Visa by Convention: It has the authorization for the national people of the States with which Ecuador subscribes international instruments to remain in Ecuadorian territory the time established in said instrument.

South American Community in Ecuador.

South American citizens in Ecuador are the national people of the South American countries belonging to UNASUR.

South American citizens can enter, circulate and leave Ecuadorian territory by presenting only their national identification document, by official migration control points.

Temporary Residence South American citizens. –

South American citizens may apply for temporary residence, for a period of two years, subject to one-time renewal.

Permanent residence South American citizens. –

South American citizens wishing to reside in Ecuador, regardless of their immigration status, may apply for permanent residence.